Privacy Policy | The Stoneware Pottery, Inc. - Rhodora A. Abella

Privacy Policy is a big concern for all who order online.

For us at The Stoneware Pottery, Inc. privacy begins already when you are requested to enter the information needed to process your order. You only have to enter minimal information like name and address as well as contact information: email address and mobile number.

If you want you can open an account with The Stoneware Pottery, Inc., it will make it easier for you to order next time, as you donĀ“t have to enter all personal information like name, address etc. again. In this case the content of the shopping cart will remain if you log off before ordering. You also can access your previous orders under "My Account". But if you want you also can order without opening an account.

All information given will be treated confidential. We will never give any information to third parties.

Doing so we guess that we did everything necessary for a state of the art privacy policy.

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